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Title: ****Why does Prosper no longer offer secondary market???
Post by: Rhonda9080 on September 17, 2017, 08:17:35 PM
Recently, after a huge walloping loss to my LC account due to flurry of late and charge-offs, I greatly boosted my LC returns by buying only on the Folio platform, sticking to seasoned notes, etc. I'm so pleased with results so far that I've been rolling over my all reinvestment money from LC into the folio platform. I have a so-so 6.35% return from Prosper, but I'm considering liquidation as loans are finished because they don't offer secondary market.

Can anyone explain to me why Prosper discontinued secondary market? As a very small investor with little fresh investment funds, it certainly makes me nervous that I can't sell or buy - especially notes I could get at deep discount. Any opinions or discussion on this would be much appreciated!