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Title: New P2B lending platform Debitum Network
Post by: Algio on October 15, 2018, 02:35:37 PM
new p2B lending platform Debitum Network launched last month. Just wanted to introduce to some basic info about the platform.

At any given time there are about 30 assets to invest.
Annual interest rates are within the range of 10-15%.
Industries that dominate are: Logistics, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Services.
Maturity terms from a few weeks to half a year.
Guarantee. Typically: invoices, personal (from owners), company (another company issues a guarantee).
Loan amounts vary from 4000 to 50 000 Euros.
Amounts for investment are flexible (10 Eur is the minimum).
Portfolio types: conservative, moderate, aggressive.

Disclosure: I work for Debitum Network.