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Investors - LC / Re: RIP Lendingclub Notes
« on: October 11, 2020, 04:58:54 PM »
" A long time coming but the end has been obvious for years." , from Rob L, well put--thank you.
If things had stayed the way they were at the beginning I would still be addicted. It was hard to give up.

Suggestions / Re: Apologies for the Forum being offline
« on: June 17, 2020, 05:45:23 PM »
Nice!  Thanks!  I was worried... :-\

Investors - LC / Re: Winding down on Lending Club
« on: February 26, 2020, 02:19:03 PM »
I chose "C" when I did it in 2018.  Manually was not hard.  For 2019 taxes, the $8 in recoveries took me an hour to do right on TaxAct.  For a do-over, I'd rather have let LC keep it!

jrl--thanks for the link. 
For some reason I am able to log in and view it even though my account was closed for inactivity (I can only see my statement pdf page).  I can no longer see active loans for sale.  With the fed int rate going south, I'm not a happy camper right now.

Thanks!  That's a relief.

I did not get it.  Am wound down to recoveries only.

Borrowers - LC / Re: Loan funding help
« on: March 08, 2019, 08:08:45 PM »
Glad to hear that!  Congratulations!

Thanks, Jenn.  The way you said you do it is the way I did it too.  So I went back and fiddled with it.  Sure enough, the loan showed up after deleting the last # in the LID and re-typing it.  Finicky system.  Used to do it that way, by re-clicking and re-entering to get past the "not found".  Doesn't always work, but by the 3rd or 4th try it did long ago and still does.  The loans are there!  Thank you again.  btw, One note had an updated collection log (BK charged off on 2-20-19), the other did not.

This was probably discussed before? 

I searched my total loans for a particular example of what a charged off loan that received a recovery payment in Feb. 2019 looked like at the time it was charged off.  The loan has vanished from my records.  Just now, I tried to find a different loan: nothing.  About a year ago, also tried and gave up.  My only idea is that I sold the loans, but I'm getting recovery payments anyway.  Did not look up sold loans.  Any ideas? (I tried to avoid user incompetence, but who knows.)

Did not want to hijack the negative account balance thread from rj2, but that's what got me started on this wild goose chase. btw, I haven't seen a negative balance and now have $4.00.  Thanks Fred93, good to know.  I did read about the Feb. 12, 2019 payment policy change when it came out.

"You may periodically receive residual funds from the recovery process. After your account is closed, these funds will be sent to you in the form of a mailed check. If you would like to opt out of receiving these residual funds, please complete and submit this form."

This part of the letter made me not worry about recovery funds.

My letter included info about getting recovery money...

..."Since the cash balance in your account is below the minimum investment amount and there hasn't been any recent activity in your account, we will close your account in the coming weeks.
What will happen to the cash in my closed account?
In the coming weeks, we will transfer your cash balance to the bank account linked to your LendingClub account. If the transfer fails, we will send a check to the mailing address we have on file for you. You can update your information by navigating to your account's Settings page.
Will I still be able to access my account after closure?
After your account is closed, you'll be able to log in to access past statements only. To add funds and invest in LendingClub Notes, you'll need to open a new account.
Important reminder regarding charged-off Notes in your account:
Some Notes in your account may currently be in the recovery process or enter the process in the future. (Learn more about charge-offs and recoveries at our Help Center.)
You may periodically receive residual funds from the recovery process. After your account is closed, these funds will be sent to you in the form of a mailed check. If you would like to opt out of receiving these residual funds, please complete and submit this form.
Still want to be a part of LendingClub?
If you want to keep this account open, simply reply to this email or contact Investor Services by September 10 using the phone number or email address below.
We're here to help. If you have questions or need assistance with your account, please feel free to contact us.
Best regards,
The LendingClub Team"

Interest Radar / Re: Is Interest Radar still active
« on: July 19, 2018, 10:29:13 AM »
I can log in, but "my free trial has expired" (I dropped the paid membership).
The page copyright date is 2013.

General Lending Club Discussion / Re: Invitation to Box account
« on: July 18, 2018, 08:27:34 PM »
Good question.  That sounds ominous to me.  It will be interesting to hear their explanation--please post back!

Investors - LC / Re: New Platform, Part 2
« on: July 10, 2018, 09:57:17 PM »
 "Then once you sell distressed notes all that data becomes moot anyway." --jheizer

Yes, that was a problem for me too.  Selling made the portfolio data irrelevant compared to the way it started.  Frustrating.

Investors - LC / Re: New Platform
« on: July 09, 2018, 10:26:08 PM »
Yay!  I never thought a return to the status quo would be a relief.  Reminds me of the farmer and his wife whose house seemed so much larger when they moved the animals back to the barn.

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