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Anyone notice another erasure of loans today? All the 2day,3day,4dayetc vanished.

I am a newbie to this forum. That said, I have been with LC for five years and have made over twenty thousand loans from two different accounts. I pay close attention.  Something does not seem right with LC recently and I hope others will take a closer look as I have done.

I am troubled by the idea that LC overextended itself and reacted badly. How does Lending Club go from 5000+ loans two weeks ago down  to 6 or 7 hundred today? If they hit the panic button and simply pulled the loans, what happens to investors who had money committed to the pulled loans and all those individuals hoping to have their loans filled?

Thanks for the links. What concerns me is not a question of loans not issuing but of loans disappearing from the board in great numbers as happened four days ago on July 1. Did anyone else witness this?

@lascott  Where would one find these threads?

At 5:30 AM July 1, 2015 Lending Club had 4215 loans available for investment.
At 9:30 AM July, 1 2015 Lending Club had 2458 loans available for investment.
At 9:00 PM July, 1 2015 Lending Club had only 715 loans left.
Any ideas? Keep in mind on a good day perhaps 200 loans are filled and removed from listing.

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