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I have not touched my BluVestment account in quite some time and thought everything was going along great until today.  I do not manually place orders or place orders through any other website.

I just checked my email and noticed multiple loan order notification emails from Lending Club that had the same number of loans and the same exact weighted average interest rate.  I never place more than $25 in any individual note so I first sorted my pending loans by value and all were $25.  Then I sorted by Loan ID and noticed some matches.  I clicked on these matches and, sure enough, they were the same loan.  I have not looked through all the loans, but on one note I have invested in the same note 10 times!  And another I have invested in the same note 19 times!!!!!  These notes appear to be P2P Picks Loss Minimizer notes that were not fully funded in a short period.  I sure hope these are good notes!

I don't check each loan that BluInvestment makes on my behalf, but I do scan each email that lending club sends me.  I would have noticed this relationship before, this must have only been happening for a day or two. 

I double checked my settings on BluVestment and it is set to $25 per note and 1 note per loan.

It should be noted that the multiple investment examples above have identical Loan IDs, but different Note IDs.

I have disabled BluVestment for now, please advise when it is safe to turn it on again.

P2P-Picks / revenue model
« on: May 10, 2013, 12:13:01 AM »

I have been logging on to your site right around the time of the LC loan updates.  In a previous post you mentioned that you have adjusted your pricing to compensate for loans that were not funded, have you thought of adjusting the pricing due to loans being fully funded between your data grab and the time a user can realistically place an order for the loan.  I have noticed over the past couple days that there have been numerous instances where I click "Go" and the Lending Club web page says zero notes have been added to your order.

On a side note, I still have to clear my cookies from Safari on a daily basis in order to log on to your site.  I am still using 1password as clearing cookies is easier than typing in my long pasword.


P2P-Picks / is it just me?
« on: April 28, 2013, 12:00:46 AM »
Hi Bryce,

Thanks for the great product.

I had one question for you or the other users; are there browser specific log on problems?  My everyday browser is Chrome Beta and after I enter my credentials and hit the sign on button, nothing happens.  I figure, no worries it is a beta product, so I start up Safari and that worked for a few weeks.  A couple days ago, I could not log on with Safari, so I shifted over to Explorer in Parallels and that has been working fine.  It seems like an odd problem, but I thought I would mention it here as I have absolutely no log on problems on any other websites.


Investors - LC / Accrued versus paid interest
« on: October 23, 2012, 05:36:15 PM »
On my landing page, LC proudly announces I have received $1,000,000 in interest, but further down the page it states that I have only $800,000 in accrued interest.  How could I possibly have more interest paid than accrued?  Is the billing for borrowers such that they are pre-paying interest?

Any thoughts?

General Prosper Discussion / Can Prosper close out August strong enough?
« on: August 28, 2012, 01:05:30 PM »
Is this the month Prosper's month over month growth stops?  I think they will squeeze everywhere they can and pull this month out, but they better get that S-1 effective fast as institutional interest does not seem to be growing like at LC.

See attached screenshot taken this morning.  Anyone else care to vote?

[attachment deleted by admin]

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