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Looking for objective advice here...

I have a number of family friends and business acquantences who want my P2P lending returns, but are either (1) too 'old school' or (2) too detached from the world known as the 'Internet' to attempt to invest on Prosper or LC on their own accord. In other words, country folk who think email is techie-thing but own lots of land and lots of rental property.  They won't be digging into sites like Prosper-Stats and InterestRadar any day soon.

I already manage 4 of my own P2P accounts which is tedious at best, so I don't plan to manage a dozen or more accounts separately.  I've considered some kind of 'mutual fund' type arrangement where I manage the money from multiple investors in a single P2P account.  The money would be pooled, I would invest it, every investor would receive the same return, and I would take a percentage off the top for managing the account.

Not looking for subjective advice of "it's too risky", "ditch Prosper and go with LC", etc. please.

Looking for any pointers, suggestions, etc. that anyone may have of how to go about this like...
  • You have to be a Certified Financial Planner to do this
  • You have to register with the SEC to do this and it's expensive
  • Etc.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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