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Off Topic / What other forums do y'all participate?
« on: January 17, 2014, 10:21:48 AM »
Any interesting communities, hobbies or interests? Good bodies of knowledge? Just curious as to what people are into aside from P2P.

I've often found the best knowledge is hidden within the depths of the interwebs...and self-selecting groups (and individual people) have the best knowledge/experiences. I probably don't spend as much time as i used to in forums, especially with the internet commercializing more but just wondering!

I'll start:

-used to be pretty active in getting free ipods ;] :
-occasionally browse for details on brands, etc
-also was a big fan of for troubleshooting, finding accessories and of course rumors

Off Topic / DC real estate - anyone with experience?
« on: January 08, 2014, 06:19:35 PM »
Looking to potentially talk parents into getting a place in DC for sister (who just graduated college / started work) so she can stop paying rent...but it really seems like with mortgage rates so low, prices have really rebounded and are basically near peaks again..

Anyone have experience in DC and/or have thoughts on the real estate cycle overall? Seems like PE shops bought up a lot of property in distressed areas boosting prices but a lot of metro areas (NYC, SF, DMV) are pretty close to pre-crisis / were never hit that hard...

Is it kind of too late (as a financial investment)?

wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions as to where i would be able to find various partnerships that p2p platforms have with banks. either as strategic investments or as lenders? for an ex. i know LC and prosper have a ton of institutions on their platforms..

Introductions / Hey Lend Academy!
« on: September 04, 2013, 03:04:47 PM »
Hi all - recently joined LC last week and have been toying around on the site. Looking to invest a bit of money soon. Quick question - since when was there a lack of loans on the site..? Has this always been the case or is this a recent development as a result of heavy institutional investments? Also, does this impact the quality of loans we can get on the investor side as a retail investor..?

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