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General P2P Lending Discussion / Anyone know where Core went?
« on: November 25, 2015, 12:25:54 PM »
Hasn't posted since March 6th?

Investors - LC / Haven't seen this before
« on: November 19, 2015, 12:42:51 PM »

Look at this loan. It lists "Individual Gross Income" and "Joint Gross Income" together with "Joint Debt to Income".


Investors - LC / Maybe the most important data
« on: October 17, 2015, 10:23:18 AM »
Kudos to Interest Radar. Maybe the most important data I have seen. I post it here because the IR thread is not well followed.

I trade heavily on Folio, selling notes that appear to be headed for trouble (usually big folio drops) or already there (1 or more IG payment). The question is, did I make good discounted sales. I have tried to answer this question in excel before from LC's CSV files, but without a data base of note history's, the data is not there. Now I admit some of these notes never should have been purchased in the first place (my slow learning curve), but I finally found the answer in IR and the results astounded me.

First, my present note summary from LC. I have 215 issued & current notes, 1 in grace, 1 late >31, and 6 charged off.
Then we look at IR->my portfolio -> trading tab -> Current status. Here we see the current status of notes I sold (which importantly does not include any of the notes in LC's report).

Of the 158 notes I SOLD and no longer own:
17 were charged off, 1 in default, 10 late > 31, 1 late >16, and 5 in grace.: ie 28 lost or nearly certain losers and another 6 in trouble.

Without these sales my account 1.5 years old and yielding an XIRR of 9.22% would certainly have an overall negative return. My purchases are almost all E&F notes.

See data below.

Investors - LC / Not what I expected
« on: October 06, 2015, 09:11:48 AM »
I set up automated investing on the LC platform some months ago. There have only been a few (4) purchases. It purchased one today that I was surprised at so I wanted to see the filter I was using. I click on Automated Investing and get options to Add Funds or Edit Allocation,but there is no indication what filter is used or how to change it? I  did find the instructions here

But we should be able to access all the pertinent AI parameters from the AI page, or am I blind?

Interest Radar / I'm confused
« on: October 05, 2015, 05:15:19 PM »
When looking at the IR01 chart ( it say "The resulting number will be in the range from 330 (higher risk of default) to 409 (lower risk of default)". And discussion in a number of threads seem consistent with this statement. However when you lock at the loss rates for each grade and IR01 score, the AVG Loss's in the table appear to trend upwards with increasing IR01 scores. What am I not getting?

Investors - LC / Whats wrong with this loan?
« on: October 03, 2015, 09:09:33 AM »
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this loan?

This scores very high in my scoring system and hard to believe just the FL address keeps it from funding.


Investors - LC / Partial Payment
« on: February 21, 2015, 01:05:22 PM »

Anyone understand this one? Appears there was a partial payment received the first month but it does not indicate a partial payment.

Investors - LC / Status date discovery
« on: February 14, 2015, 11:54:03 AM »
Maybe everyone already knows this and I have just been thick, but I have looked for a long time for a way to identify Current notes I hold that have had a problem payment some time in the past without having to open and/or screen scrape every loans payment history. I just got it. The "LoanStatusDate" shows the last time the loan status CHANGED. It is usually about one month after the "Note Issue Date" when the status changes from Issued to Current.

If you create a new field Change Days = (LoanStatusDate - Note Issue Date) as a integer you can easily pick out Status changes after the initial 30 days. These of course include Fully Paid, Charged off and other status changes but also thankfully flags Current notes that at one time where something other than Current.

Investors - LC / Loss assumptions
« on: February 10, 2015, 01:34:55 PM »
LC says 23% of IGP notes, 58% of late-16 notes, and 75% of late-31 notes go on to be written off. Any one of you with large note holdings ever try to check these figures in your own account?

Investors - LC / Pleasant surprise
« on: February 02, 2015, 10:55:22 AM »
I have meant for a long time to study my folio sales. I saw on the 1099 that I had a capital loss of about $75 on my sales (I sold them for less than I paid). But did I make money when interest is included? The reported NAR on the site for traded notes includes both folio purchased notes still held as well as folio sold notes.

I just discovered a table that you access when you have "Traded Notes" selected and click on the link "Understanding your traded note returns" (just never clicked here before). It has separate columns for purchases and sales. My sales data below:

Number of Notes                                                   108
Total purchase price                                       $2,588.68
Total outstanding principal at time of purchase      $2,615.34
Total outstanding principal at time of sale        $2,485.94
Total outstanding principal at present                   N/A
Total payments received less fees*               $264.98
Total proceeds from sales less fees               $2,374.78
Total amount charged off                               N/A

Therefor I lost $213.90 (proceeds - purchase price including fees) but I received payments of 264.98 so finished up by $51.08 (includes Jan sales not on 1099). That is 1.97% gain on the initial investment of 2588.68. But how long were they held?

The traded notes csv file conveniently has both OrderDate and Transaction Date. For purchases these are always the same but for sales you can find the number of days each note was held =days(x2,r2). Averaging these just for sold notes I find I held these notes on average 132 days or 4.4 months. So my annualized return on my sales alone is 1.97*12/4.4 = 5.2%. Better than I though considering I was ridding myself of loans I was no longer comfortable holding.

Investors - LC / Occationally patience pays
« on: February 01, 2015, 10:39:04 AM »

I sold this note for $4.00 after the second missed payment and the outside collection effort began. Then it comes good! I hate it when that happens.

Investors - LC / Loan number
« on: January 30, 2015, 09:37:33 AM »
I have asked this question before which went unanswered. Does anyone have any idea how a new loan can get assigned a 6 digit loan number like this one offered today:

Of 350,000 loans issued since 2 have 5 digit numbers and 261 have 6 digit loan numbers. The borrower number 900066 has not had an earlier loan. But if you look at loans issued to members with nearby member numbers those loans were all 6 digit loan numbers from early 2011. My guess then is these are loans applied for and rejected in the distant past.  Is this good or bad?

The rejected loan file is useless because it does not contain member numbers.

Investors - LC / 3 weeks in review
« on: January 21, 2015, 07:52:43 AM »

Investors - LC / Folio time to close
« on: January 20, 2015, 06:21:05 AM »
We have beat-to-death the  time to close purchases on the LC platform, but what excuse does Folio have? I would have thought sales and purchases could settle instantly, or certainly by the end of the day. I have unsettled purchases now 4 days out. Who gets the interest: old owner,new owner, folio, or LC? Somethings up here.

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