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BlueVestment / BlueVestment Actual Returns
« on: August 01, 2017, 01:44:04 PM »
Would it be worthwhile to post actual returns from my Lending Club accounts with note selection performed by BlueVestment?  Would any BlueVestment representatives active in this forum object to me sharing these results?

I have two accounts...  a Traditional IRA (using BP Moderate) and a Roth IRA (using BP aggressive).  Each account has over 1000 notes, which should give a decent sample size to judge by.

The following are relatively easily to pull out.  Are there more stats that would help convey the status/performance of these accounts?

Traditional IRA stats, using the BP Moderate filter:
ANAR: 7.99%
WAIR: 10.98%
Weighted average age: 4.0 mo.
Number of notes: 1965
A: 18.3%
B: 47.1%
C: 34.6%
36 month: 91.6%
60 month: 8.4%
Principal: 89,847.81
IGP: 10 - 718.08
16-30: 4 - 97.03
31-120: 7 - 516.36
Fully paid: 52 - 26.11
Adjusted principal: 89,218.30
Adjusted account value: 89,233.09

Roth IRA stats, using the BP Aggressive filter:
ANAR: 14.71%
WAIR: 23.19%
Weighted average age: 3.5 mo.
Number of notes: 1288
C: 0.1%
D: 37.1%
E: 42.9%
F: 13.3%
G: 6.6%
36 month: 80.8%
60 month: 19.2%
Principal: 35,814.74
IGP: 21 - 597.33
16-30: 7 - 282.50
31-120: 17 - 516.41
Fully paid: 72 - 24.25
Adjusted principal: 35,115.23
Adjusted account value: 35,126.49

BlueVestment / BlueVestment stuck?
« on: March 10, 2017, 04:53:36 PM »

Has anyone had experience with BlueVestment in which your account just stopped buying?  It had been functioning fine with the BP-Moderate filter driving purchases, but hasn't bought a note in over a week despite the availability of cash and settings that appear to allow unlimited purchases within the month.

BlueVestment / Overlapping between accounts?
« on: March 02, 2017, 04:27:23 PM »

So I'm jumping into LC using BlueVestment...  hoping the underwriting has improved since last year but we will see.  With multiple accounts, is there a way to prevent them from picking up the notes from the same loan?  I can limit the exposure by keeping the note size small, so that overlaps aren't a big deal, but haven't researched a more definite way of controlling this.  I may dodge most of the problem by setting one account to BP - Moderate and the other to BP - Aggressive, but there might still be overlap at the margin.

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