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This is really getting frustrating. Loan ID: 41850384, late 4 months in a row, with a .16 investor fee for each of those months, yet no late fee charged the borrower??? To add insult to injury there are two entries in the collection log stating the borrower initiated contact promising to pay. I don't see how LC can ethically charge me .16 of the .86 payment for four months in a row, when only one of those four months shows activity in the collection log... and that was the borrower initiating the contact. Ridiculous enough I have to pay 18% of the payment for the collectors answering the phone or e-mail in one month, but how in the #*!?@ can I be charged any "collection" fee when no action is listed to justify that action for three of the four months? I'm hoping some eager law firm may wish to look into this for a potential class action lawsuit.

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