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« on: September 17, 2017, 09:27:52 PM »
Based on the better returns and liquidity, I'm thinking to let my Prosper account run its course, using reinvest at LC and their Folio secondary market. I really like Prosper, but the lack of liquidity is a big drawback for a small investor. 

Recently, after a huge walloping loss to my LC account due to flurry of late and charge-offs, I greatly boosted my LC returns by buying only on the Folio platform, sticking to seasoned notes, etc. I'm so pleased with results so far that I've been rolling over my all reinvestment money from LC into the folio platform. I have a so-so 6.35% return from Prosper, but I'm considering liquidation as loans are finished because they don't offer secondary market.

Can anyone explain to me why Prosper discontinued secondary market? As a very small investor with little fresh investment funds, it certainly makes me nervous that I can't sell or buy - especially notes I could get at deep discount. Any opinions or discussion on this would be much appreciated!

General P2P Lending Discussion / HELP! LC portfolio got slammed to -2.57!!!
« on: September 17, 2017, 08:07:44 PM »
I am a very small investor on both Prosper and Lending Club. Recently, my LC portfolio got slammed to -2.57 due to a flurry of late and charged off loans. Oh! The pain in my little purse! Anyway, I was considering complete liquidation when I did a little study of the Folio platform and decided to try sell-off of all unseasoned loans, but use money to reinvest only in seasoned loans on folio with less than 15 payments left. I even bought a couple with less than 5 payments. My Folio notes return is projected at 23.32% now, and combined (with adjusted for past due) is now -59. I guess that's better than -2-57? Is there nya good long-term strategy for recouping losses and getting my P2P back on track?

Any advise would be very appreciated. I have my late and grace period notes up for sale at deep discounts (abt-30%) but no takers.

I also wish in some ways I could liquidate Prosper because they don't offer secondary market anymore, and I could use the liquid investment money to work with, but they are outperforming what I see on LC right now. Any advise there?

Thank you!

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