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I am doing some analysis of historical (2013-14) Prosper loans and am curious if there are any dominant reasons why applicants might withdraw their loans before funding.  I assume that some might 1) simply change their minds, or 2) some might get a better offer elsewhere.  Hopefully not many weddings were called off at the last minute :-)

Is there any clear cut explanations or even good guesses around this?   Feel free to point me to any existing comments on this topic.

Thank you

Is there a key that would allow me match an individual loan on the LISTINGS file to its subsequent performance on the LOANS file? 

I am looking at Prosper data files from 2012-2015.  I am interested in using the LISTINGS file to capture the time a loan takes to be fully funded by investors (ie reach 100%) but I then want to know its subsequent payment/chargeoff performance which I believe is only on the LOANS file.

Is there key, such as member number or loan number that is on both files?  I am not seeing anything obvious but hopefully I am overlooking something.   

Thank you for any suggestions.

Investors - LC / Time for loan to be 100% funded
« on: September 03, 2019, 08:52:55 AM »
I teach a banking course.  We are examining the P2P lending process and I am doing some analysis on older loans (2012-2014). I am looking for an indication in the data file of how long it took a loan to be completely funded.  I am particularly interested in fractional loans.

Is there a variable that I am overlooking on LC's historical data that would tell me that Loan A was fully funded in 2 days while it took 4 days for Loan B to be fully funded?

Thank you

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