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Introductions / Re: Welcome everyone to the Social Lending Network Forum
« on: August 20, 2012, 05:04:10 PM »
Peter, I'm an avid reader of your work and appreciate all you do for p2p lending.  I've had accounts with both Prosper and LendingClub since late 2008 and have watched them (particularly LC) grow at a breathtaking pace as of late.  As a stockbroker by trade, it amazes me how P2P is still "under the radar" and I'm confident this is an asset class that is set to absolutely explode in popularity throughout the decade.

On an unrelated note, while I'm in occasional contact with employees at both LC and Prosper, I'd be very interested in a piece detailing what the borrowing process is like.  I'm curious if there are many on this site that have been on the borrowing side of things, particularly at LC, who can provide insights such as screenshots as to what the application process is like and if LC ever encourages borrowers to answer the pre-selected questions before being prompted (and if they are bombarded with emails for each individual question or if LC only sends one email a day) and what kind of communication/relationship LC has with borrowers as I have a suspicion LC has too few employees to be effective servicers of tens of thousands of loans.

Once again on behalf of many, thank you for all you do with this site!

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