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Introductions / Re: Members' Thoughts and Experience with StreetShares
« on: December 29, 2017, 03:28:34 PM »
In follow up to my original posts some months ago re: Streetshares...  As of now, I've continued to invest both in Veteran Bonds and through the Streetshares Pro platform.  The Veteran Bond account provides a conservative, but reasonable return of 5% with withdrawals restricted to a two week anniversary period each year determined by the date the account was opened.  Withdrawals are actually permitted any time of the year, but will be credited with a 4% APR return vs. 5%.  For cash that one does not want to put in more volatile markets, e.g., the stock market, this is far better than the 1.3 or 1.4 percentages paid by even the internet banks.  In eight months of investing with Streetshares I have experienced no delinquencies or charge offs with the "pro" platform.  I now have approximately 70 current loans and approximately 40 have been paid in full.  90%+ of my loans are from the most conservative category, having what Streetshares refers to as low expected loss ratios...usually 2% or less and typically providing a 12-15 percent return. I fully realize these are not yet "seasoned" loans, however, many are very short term, 6 weeks, and supported by documented gov't contracts. Resulting from the availability of these short term, contract backed loans, many borrowers are "repeaters", using Streetshares to assist on a short term basis with cash flows.  Given the "start/stop" nature of investing in these short term loans, cash does sit idle for a few days here and there, but with the use of the auto investing feature and a bit of diligence week to week this can be minimized. On the upside of the "pro" platform, the frequent turnover of short term loans and resulting cash balances allow funds to be available for withdrawal (without any fee) on a regular basis, providing some level of liquidity without penalty.  I've gradually added to both platforms over eight months in 2017. I'll be tracking returns over the full year of 2018 and will try to post occasionally...if anyone is interested :).  I do believe, at this point, Streetshares can significantly outperform my Prosper investment which has steadily declined to the 6% range with substantially less monitoring and effort in reinvestment of funds (never was a fan of Prosper's auto invest feature).  Streetshares has continued to be consistently prompt in answering any questions submitted through either their live chat feature or email.  This customer service aspect of their business remains in the excellent category for me.  Prosper's customer service and responsive was, in my experience, terrible.  Last, I read a few posts stating that Streetshares had generated only a few hundred loans and was a tiny operation, etc.  I believe, just by viewing the number and size of loans being processed through the website, that it has considerably more business than those characterizations.  I feel comfortable with using Streetshares to diversify my investments, particularly in light the stock market's predicted lackluster future.  I trust our country's small business and Veteran community more than do I large corporations.  Hope to hear from others with their thoughts.  Best wishes for a happy and successful new year.

You might consider reviewing their most recent 1K filing with the SEC. If I recall correctly, they had fairly little cash on hand (~$1m) which would only last about 6 months from the date of the filing based on their burn rate. I think that put them at the end of January 2018 to run out of cash.

I think they have a good model, but unless they raise substantial new equity capital, I would be very concerned about the solvency of the company.

I don't recall seeing anything about new money raised recently.

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Hey Zach -- If you happen to see this post would you move the whole thread as above?

Sure thing - done!

Suggestions / Re: web server problems
« on: May 18, 2017, 11:30:56 PM »
Thanks for the tracking, Fred. We will post an update once we have one.

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Suggestions / Re: web server problems
« on: May 16, 2017, 07:24:46 PM »
Thanks for letting us know. I also caught a couple glimpses of this in the morning. We are looking into it further and hope to have this resolved soon.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

At this time it doesn't seem we have enough interest from other forum posts to justify creating a category for this site.

If this changes in the future, we're happy to re-evaluate.

General P2P Lending Discussion / Re: Peerstreet looking good to me
« on: December 22, 2016, 04:06:51 PM »
I, too, am interested in keeping an eye on the growth of the P2P real estate (consumer&commercial) platforms.

Perhaps we'd have more discussion/information on those with a sub-forum category just for P2P real estate...?

Ryan?  Peter?  I know Fred93 plays with those guys, too, so, we'd be assured of long analyses and charting.  :)

Good idea, I'll run it past the team and see if we can get something created.

Hi All,

We just set up a new category for Real Estate Crowdfunding here:,26.0.html

All posts should be in the general board for now. We will look to add additional company-specific boards as the discussion warrants.

Investors - LC / Re: LC prepayments rising
« on: November 16, 2016, 07:31:43 AM »
While the rate would have to be somewhat lower, several balance sheet lenders (banks and others), like Discover, offer competitive loan products that don't charge an origination fee.

That makes the switching cost less if there is a slight rate improvement.

NSR Invest / Re: NSR buying criteria
« on: November 12, 2016, 05:28:13 PM »
n.b. The NSR Invest team checks this forum periodically to respond to questions, but the fastest way to get a response is to contact us by using the messenger on our website or calling us.

Glad that you recently signed up for our Fully-Managed service. We will automatically adjust the bid or note size for Fully-Managed accounts. The system targets 1,000 unique loans per account to achieve optimal diversification.

For example, here are common bid sizes based on your account value:

$0-$49,999                    Bid Size: $25
$50,000-$74,999           Bid Size: $50
$75,000-$99,999           Bid Size: $75

Please note, Prosper accounts may start at a $50 bid size due to limited loan availability.

At present the Fully-Managed service does not trade on the secondary market. However, we do offer secondary market functionality with a Self-Directed account.

Foliofn - LC / Re: how often is folio inventory CSV file updated?
« on: November 12, 2016, 05:19:11 PM »
A related question: There are 2 or 3 third-party web sites that do some automated LC folio trading.  How often do they run their algorithms?  In other words, if I post a note for sale, how long must I wait until I'm sure they've done a cycle and have decided not to buy my note at the present price?

NSR runs Lending Club Folio buying every minute.

NSR Invest / Re: blog / duration
« on: November 12, 2016, 05:15:07 PM »
Good catch. Intended that to be maturity and have updated the post to reflect that.

Investors - LC / Re: LC FICO vs Loan Grade
« on: November 12, 2016, 05:13:00 PM »
I don't have any easy way to run a test on my current portfolio that just considers loans that have freshly triggered this month, because I don't have easy access to month-to-month FICO for those loans.  This info is in the payment history file, but I'd have to look up all my loans there one by one.  Seems like too much work.

The pmthistall file is only updated every three months. Not much value here. List all your notes on Folio for a ridiculous guaranteed profitable markup. Not that you want to sell, but that you want the latest FICO update ASAP.  You "should get the updated FICO within your sample time interval of downloading the smallnotes file. As a seller there's additional data in your mynotes file that can provide an additional bit of informational edge. The most recent FICO may actually be found there first; I dunno. There may be issues with staleness (where does LC publish the most recent FICO update first). I point out that possibility but don't really know the answer. If I were seriously into this I would know. I'm sure there are folks that do.

Simplifying things by ignoring time value of money is troublesome, but leaving it out is a worst case for selling the FICO drops. Returns should be better than those that ignore it.

Sometimes I think that if I'm not confused I'm not paying enough attention. Stream of consciousness wins hands down over the stream of unconsciousness I'm given to on occasion.
Those earlier charts I posted were embarrassing  :o LOL

At least in recent months, the payment history file has been updated monthly - obviously, it doesn't include recently originated loans.

Suggestions / Re: lendacademy web server problems
« on: October 17, 2016, 04:35:53 PM »
Thanks everyone for pointing this out. I will look into this further.

NSR Invest / Re: Suggestion: treat no data different from zero
« on: August 12, 2016, 02:56:04 PM »
Over time, LC has added several fields, such as "inquiries in last 12 months".  In such fields, most loans have no data.  NSR treats no data as if it were zero.  This results in misleading back test results.  I believe many users do not realize that they are entering filters where some loans have no data for a particular field.

I suggest you treat no data as different from zero, and report it on a separate line in the breakouts.  Also would be good to allow the user to specify how to filter no data.  For example, whether no data should pass or fail the filter.

Missing values for Lending Club attributes are now reported as "N/A". We are working on a similar fix for Prosper data.

Investors - LC / Re: Returns on 3rd party Automation
« on: July 29, 2016, 11:44:14 AM »
Full disclosure: I work for NSR Invest

We aim to offer completely hands-off investment approach with our Fully-Managed Account offering, but we also provide the tools and analytics for our investors to have complete transparency into every loan/note in your portfolio.

You can use our portfolio analysis tool to monitor key metrics and see granular data on credit quality, etc.

We track the returns of our Fully-Managed strategies on a monthly basis. The last update was in April, as we're currently working on a revamp of the calculations with more automation. You can see the April newsletter here:

We would be happy to answer any other questions you might have. You can get in touch by messaging us on our website or  phone at 720-259-0455.

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