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Investors - LC / LC exports changed... again
« on: April 06, 2013, 01:00:23 PM »
Hey all.  New to this forum but long time LC investor.  I used LC off and on for several years, occasionally getting dismayed by the changes which led me to not invest for periods of time. 

Anyway this past week I decided to get back in the ring so I started rebuilding my interfaces to download and ingest the exports from LC.  I am manually downloading the files while I rebuild my db and just today I noticed that they changed their exports since two days ago.  The old URL ( has now been replaced by  The file has more columns which I am still trying to interpret, so I am not sure if this is for the better or worse. 

You all may not have noticed yet because the old URL still works if you manually enter it, but I imagine that this new export is soon going to be the only one available.

This crap is so annoying.  Did anyone know this was coming?

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