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Seems like they unblocked 2 states. The blocked states are now: AK, FL, NC, NM, NY, PA, and OH (both primary and secondary market). NY is still on that list unfortunately, but it shows that some progress is being made.

This would be good to know. If I want to close my IRA account and transfers the funds over, that would still mean I have zombie loans hanging around. Since there is a $40 annual fee for having a balance below $5,000, I too wonder how I can plan to wind down my account.

Almost  4 months and still no updates from LC!

Just talked to them earlier today, they're expecting to be back up in NY "soon" (take that with a grain of salt!) and will email investors when it's done. Hopefully it's not more than a few months.
If they pull through, Iím back on board.

Investors - LC / Re: LC new interest rates July 2019
« on: July 09, 2019, 09:11:25 PM »
Wow! Thatís some interesting history there.

I have a similar request, except Iíve already gotten most of my program off the ground: it can buy notes from the secondary market, list notes that Iím already holding, and get my account summary. However, I have not been able to successfully list my open buy/sell transactions. Going by the documentation, Iím supposed to connect to "". I get a 4xx error in my C# program. And when I tried to debug it in JavaScript (because debugging HTTP/JSON responses in C# is a pain in the ass for me), I got back this object:
Code: [Select]
  "errors": [
      "field": null,
      "code": "terms-of-use",
      "message": "Traffic from your IP address appears to be in violation of our terms of use. Your support code is  #####################. If you believe you received this message in error, please contact with your support code."
At first I though I had exceeded some limit, but it turned out I had already considered rate limits in my code. And according to another topic ( there is some secret API that I donít know about that can list these open transactions?

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