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P2P-Picks / P2P picks with recent Major Derogatory or Delinquent Amount
« on: August 15, 2014, 05:21:30 PM »
I am a bit surprised that the Profit Maximizer (top 5%; D-F) picks some loans with recent (e.g. <= 24 months) "Months Since Last Major Derogatory" or loans with several thousand $ (e.g. $6K) in current "Delinquent Amount".

I would expect that those borrowers would not be as reliable as others?
Is it possible to automatically filter out those loans somehow?
I haven't tried BlueVestment yet, but can a filter be applied to P2P picks?

Is anyone using IR's filters and selecting loans this way?
That doesn't work for me since 2 PM yesterday (5/8/14), because new loans are not being added to the website anymore.
This morning it showed:
"Data last updated 16 hours ago."

Peer Lending Server / Downloading and Filtering (New) Notes
« on: February 17, 2014, 09:18:59 PM »
I have a lot of questions, comments and suggestions about PLS, but thought that I would start with the most 'trivial' issue first and I have some questions about 3 related buttons:

1.  "Browse Notes".
A. "Lending Club Notes" Window Closed:  The log shows that the notes are downloaded and the "Lending Club Notes" window opens up showing the Notes (as expected).

B. “Lending Club Notes" window Open: In this case, I get an error message "Please Close the Open Filter Window". I do not have any open filter windows!? I assume the message should say "Please Close the Lending Club Notes Window"? Why can't I update the notes with this window open? I now have to close it each time before updating.

2. "Start Service"
A. "Lending Club Notes" Window Closed: Looking at the Log, it also appears to download the Notes, but the  "Lending Club Notes" window doesn't open up. Note that the log shows two additional steps when using the "Start Service" button vs "Browse Notes": i) "Filtered xx of yy available loans"  and ii) Submit Order (or "submit order is disabled per configuration" as in my case). I assume that the filter step is accidentally left out of the "Browse Notes" log??

B. "Lending Club Notes" Window Open: In this case, the Notes are not updated in the "Lending Club Notes" window.  Furthermore the last two entries  i) "Filtered xx of yy available loans" and  ii) Submit Order (or "submit order is disabled per configuration" as in my case) are missing from the log.  Doesn’t the service work if this window is open?

Also, what is the point of running the Service if "submit order is disabled”? It doesn’t seem to do anything useful?

3. "Set Scheduled Service".  Instead of having to manually click on the "Browse Notes" button, I would like to use the "Scheduled Service" to automatically download the new notes when they become available. However, this is currently not possible w/o automatic investing; I get an error "Submit order must be set to yes..."  Note that if I close this window with the' X' rather than 'OK', the scheduler opens anyway!?

In summary, I would like to have the following functionality:

1.   Pressing the “Browse Notes” button should only open the “LC Notes” window and show the Notes from the last download (or update from a Service run).  An “Update” button on this window would download the current notes.  I should also be able to use the Scheduler to automatically refresh this window (in particular to use the feature to only download immediately following an increase in available note count)
2.   If “submit order is disabled” the “start Service” button should be grayed out (because it wouldn’t do anything useful – unless I am missing something?).

Interest Radar / Auto-Invest E-mails have stopped for me; Anyone else?
« on: February 06, 2014, 05:29:53 PM »
The Auto-Invest (testing) E-mails have stopped for me; last one was at 2 AM (PST) 2/6/14. Nothing at 6 AM, 10 AM, 2 PM.
The website still updates with the new loans, although late as usual (in particular at 2 PM)

Anyone else have the same issue?

I often find that IR is very slow to post new loans.
For example, today and yesterday the loans posted 2:12 PM. By that time, many loans were already closed (fully funded) and IR therefore doesn't present the loans and IR scores.
It doesn't help that many loans are already in my basket; if I don't know the IR scores, I don't know which loans to keep. Thus, one of IR's great features (the IR scores) cannot be used  :(

Anyone else having a problem with this?

Investors - LC / More loans than usual available the last few days....
« on: January 27, 2014, 01:37:25 PM »
Has anyone else been wondering why there suddenly, for the last few days, have been more (E-G) loans available? For example, right now 30 min after feeding time at 10:32 AM PST, there are 68 E-G loans available!

I noticed that the loan information on LCs website was different from the information in the downloaded browseNotes.csv file at 10 AM today (12/30/13). Furthermore, the info on IRs website reflected the info in browseNotes.csv (and not LCs website).

For example,
Loan ID = 10148897:
LCs Website: Public Records on File = 1 & Months Since Last Record =114
browseNotes.csv: pub_rec=0 & mths_since_last_record = "blank"  (but mths_since_recent_bc = 1)
IRs Website:  Derogatory Public Records=0 &  Bankruptcies=0

Loan ID =  10089001:
LCs Website: Major Derogatories = 1 & Months Since Last Major Derogatory=n/a  (which makes no sense by itself)
browseNotes.csv: mths_since_last_major_derog=null (not sure which filed shows "Major Derogatories"?)
IRs Website: Last 90 Days Late=none
(note that Major Derogatory is 90 days or more late)

Interest Radar / IR Custom Filter Question
« on: November 29, 2013, 05:46:31 PM »
Is there an error in the filter or my logic..?

I want to exclude loans where “Months Since 90 day late” (= Months Since Last Major Derogatory) is 0-24 months. In other words, I want to keep loans that have this variable blank or > 24 months.

Thus, I created a filter :
“Months Since 90 day late” Not Between 0-24.

However, this only keeps loans that were late >24 months; the blank ones are not included. There doesn’t seem to be any way to remove loans that were late < 24 months?

Interest Radar / Can't get some custom filters to work anymore
« on: September 07, 2013, 02:21:49 PM »
Is anyone using the custom filter "Months Since Last 90 Days" or similar custom filters?
I am having problems using these filters lately. For example, a very simple strategy is "All E-G loans" and then applying the custom filter "Months Since Last 90 Days" :

Cust. Filter                     Total Loan #        Curr List Loan#
None                                18567                    41

Months Since Last 90
Days Late is Blank            16220                    0

Months Since Last 90
Days Late is not Blank      2347                     41

It appears that the Total Loan# may be correct (but there is no way to verify). However, the number of Current listing loans are wrong in both filtered cases.. There was at least one loan that was late (ID 7090579; 20 months ago) and many that was never late.

For example, if there were currently 10 loans with 90 day late, I would have expected "Months Since Last 90 Days Late is Blank" to show 31 loans, and  "Months Since Last 90 Days Late is not Blank" to show10 loans. 

One of the most popular sites that is using an API to capture Lending Club's loans is Interest Radar (IR). However, it appears that many loans are already gone by the time IR is able to display them on their website.

Here is an example of the number of available E-G loans on LC's (blue) and IR's (red) websites as they were released on 8/26/13 at 2 PM (each data point is spaced 4-5 sec apart):

Only about half the the number of LC's loans were available on IR when they were first posted.
The graph also shows that there were several "new" loans released throughout the 14 min period after the initial spike (possibly from loans released from holds in the shopping carts). Many of these loans were not detected by IR because the available loans are only captured at intervals.

I am guessing (but I don't know), that the Auto-buy on IR would use loans from the same pool as shown on IR's website and many LC loans may therefore not be purchased. Furthermore, I believe that the Auto-buy is only executed once, so the "new" loans may not be purchased? Rev??

It would be interesting to know if the other Auto-buy sites are also lagging LC's website (I would presume that they do!)?  I suspect that LC is releasing the loans on their website before the data is even available to the API? Is that possible...?

UPDATED 9/18/13. Because of a post by Rev today (, I compared the number of available loans on LC and IR again (9/18/13 at 2 PM); IR's posting time is now much improved! Thanks, Rev!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Like has also been discussed here,
I have noticed that loans may be unavailable (i.e. 100% funded) a few seconds after posting but a few minutes later they may become available again after someone release their hold on the loan.

Does IR try to Auto-Invest in a loan more than once? In other words, if the loan is fully funded at the first attempt, is there a second (or more) attempt later?

Interest Radar / Timing of Auto-Invest Emails vs Posting on IR website?
« on: August 16, 2013, 09:25:35 PM »
I logged in at IR at 6:00 PM and keep refreshing every 10 sec or so.. As I am sitting waiting for the new loans meeting my strategy to be posted, I receive the Auto-Invest E-mail that shows the following loans meeting my strategy:


Shortly thereafter, only 3 of these loans also showed up in the website.

1. Is Auto-Investing done at at the same time as the Auto-Invest E-mail is sent out?
2. Are the loans posted on IR website after the Auto-Invest E-mail is sent out?
(It appears that the Auto-Invest E-mail is sent out first, the server then checks what is not yet fully funded and posts those loans on the Website?)

Interest Radar / % of users who use Auto-Invest?
« on: August 01, 2013, 02:06:45 PM »
@Rev, do you know how many % of IR users use Auto-Invest?

Also, if you have the data, how many % of investment dollars are invested using Auto-invest vs. "manual click selection" (assuming a click leads to an investment)?

Interest Radar / IR API Poll Frequency? LC Terms of Use Max?
« on: August 01, 2013, 01:30:33 PM »
When the loans show up on IR many are already fully funded or close to be being fully funded. It has become very difficult for me to invest in the last few days.
Currently, how frequent does the API check for new loans around the posting times and at other times?

The new Prosper Terms of Use prohibit users from querying the API more than 20 times per second. What is the LC Terms of Use maximum?

How does LC set the base interest rate (currently 5.05%:
Wouldn't a lower base rate increase the number of borrowers vs lenders and potentially increase LC's profits (more origination fees - provided that all loans still get funded of course)?

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