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Foliofn - LC / FolioFn Statistic?
« on: May 25, 2013, 02:13:58 PM »
Has anyone tried to collect and analyze FolioFn statistics for sold notes?
For example (with other parameters fixed; e.g. fixed premium/discount for note size):
Distribution of note sizes
Distribution of premiums/discounts

I noticed that IR did not upload any new loans today at the usual 2:03 PM...

Sometimes after I receive the Auto-invest E-mail and I immediately check the IR site, the loans do not show up in the strategy. Also, when I search for the Loan IDs, IR cannot find them. However, the loans are found on LC (and are not yet fully funded)!

I have found that the solution is to delete the Firefox Cache; the loans then show up on IR.
Note that a refresh using ctrl-F5 does not work for me (it is supposed to download data from Server rather than from the Cache)!

Thus, if you experience the same thing (and use Firefox), I suggest that you try to delete the Cache (Tools | Options | Advanced | Network | Clear Now).

Please respond if you have been affected, and the result of clearing the cache.

Not clear to me why this is happening and how it can be avoided?
Maybe it is necessary to exclude IR from being cached?

Interest Radar / Custom Filter Interface
« on: May 03, 2013, 03:20:02 PM »
With many filters it is very difficult to read and select custom filters. Maybe the interface could be reworked?

Here is a suggestion (maybe there are even better solutions?):
1. Allow longer filter names.
2. Select filters from a drop down box instead (like in the Create New Filter page, but multiple filters can selected)
3. Only display the active/selected filters in plain text on the analysis page (e.g. they would show up after clicking on Run)

Suggestions / Private Investor Forum?
« on: April 28, 2013, 09:34:52 PM »
Peter, would it be possible to have a closed Forum section for Investors only (by invitation)*? Many investor participants here are concerned about giving away "secrets" that the borrowers could pick up to fudge their applications...
(see here for example:

*) Investor status could be cleared by viewing the participant's activity here, cleared by Rev as a subscriber etc....

Interest Radar / Current IR Custom Filter Fields
« on: April 27, 2013, 05:24:58 PM »

I have compiled the list of currently available Custom Filter Fields (in case someone else also wanted this in a handy format):

Account Ever Over 120 Days Late
Accounts Now Delinquent
Accounts Opened (last 24 mo)
Accrued Interest Amount (foliofn only)
Amount Funded
Amount Requested
Annual Income
Application Date
Asking Price (foliofn only)
Average Invested (issued only)
Charge Offs (last 12 mo)
City, State
Collection Accounts Excluding Medical (last 12 mo)
Credit Balance Excluding Mortgage
Credit Balance To Annual Income Percent
Credit Card Accounts Open
Credit Card Utilization
Credit Grade (Full)
Credit Grade (Letter)
Credit Report Date (funding only)
Credit Score Trend (foliofn only)
Current Balance (Principal+Accrual) (foliofn only)
Days Listed (foliofn only)
Days Listed (funding only)
Days Since Last Payment (foliofn only)
Debt To Income Ratio
Delinquencies Last 2 years
Delinquent Amount
Earliest Credit Line Date
Employer Name
Employment Status (funding only)
Expected Default Rate (Lending Club) (funding only)
Home Ownership
Home Ownership Other (funding only)
Income after Debt Payment
Income Verified
Initial Listing Status (F/W)
Inquiries Last 6 Months
Installment Accounts Credit Limit
Interest Rate
IR01 Score
IR04 Score
Issued Date (issued only)
Last FICO High Range End (issued only)
Last FICO Low Range End (issued only)
Listing Title
Loan Description
Loan Description Loss Rate (Interest Radar) (funding only)
Loan ID
Loan Length
Loan Payment to Monthly Income Percent
Loan Status (foliofn only)
Markup/Discount (foliofn only)
Monthly Income
Monthly Payment
Months Since Last 90 Days Late
Months Since Last Credit Card Delinquency
Months Since Last Credit Card Opened
Months Since Last Delinquency
Months Since Last Inquiry
Months Since Last Installment Account Opened
Months Since Last Public Record
Months Since Loan Delinquency
Months Since Revolving Delinquency
Mortgage Accounts
Note ID (foliofn only)
Number of Lenders (issued only)
On Payment Plan (issued only)
Open Credit Lines
Order ID (foliofn only)
Percent Credit Lines Still Open
Percent of Accounts Over 75% Limit
Principal Remaining (foliofn only)
Public Records
Public Records Over $100
Remaining Payments (foliofn only)
Review Status (funding only)
Revolving Accounts
Revolving Credit Balance
Revolving Line Utilization
Service Fee Rate (funding only)
Tax Liens
Total Credit Card Limit
Total Credit Lines
Total Debt To Annual Income Percent
YTM (foliofn only)

Interest Radar / Feature Request: Post Date with Time
« on: April 27, 2013, 05:20:47 PM »
Currently IR shows the "Application Date" (in the Loan Summary) and Loan Age (in the Current Listings).
With the very fast funding, it would be helpful to know the date and time the loan was posted on LC. This is available in the BrowseNotes file field list_d. I assume that it is also available in the API?

Could the posting time please be added to the Loan Summary and Current listings?

Custom Filter: What is the difference between "Credit Grade (Full)" & "Credit Grade (Letter)"?
Does "Letter" (e.g. "D") include all sub-grades while "Full" is the sub-grade (e.g. "D4")?

Interest Radar / Very strange (Custom) Filter Results
« on: April 21, 2013, 06:34:14 PM »
Try this:
0. Create a "D4" Custom Filter: Interest Rate  - greater than or equal to - 19.05 (The interest Rate for D4=19.05%).

1. Select Strategy: D-G Top Score: 
=> 1334 Loans

2. Add the Custom Filter above:
=> 755 Loans (removed Loans D1-D3)

3. Remove Custom Filter & modify Strategy to only include E-G:
=> 678 Loans (removed Loans D1-D5)
Everything as expected so far... Now,

4. Keep the strategy to only include E-G but also add back the Custom Filter :
=> ONLY 580 Loans (should not have removed anything!?)

Why are the number of loans reduced when I add the Custom Filter; It should not change since all loans E1-G5 have interest rates > 19.05%!?

Interest Radar / Feture Request: Also Show ROI per NSR/Lendstat
« on: April 20, 2013, 11:14:29 PM »
It is great that IR shows IRR [on the Analysis Page].
However, for comparison it would be great to also have the ROI, calculated in the same manner as on Lendstat & NSR. Could this be added relatively easy?

Here is how NSR calculates the ROI ( for each loan and using the historical loan parameters:

Remaining Principal
Payments to Date
Amount Funded
Interest Rate
Loan Status

ROI=Total Gain / [ (Interest Paid / Interest Rate) + Loss ]
Interest Paid=Payments to Date+Remaining Principal-Amount Funded
Total Gain=Interest Paid-Investor Fees-Loss=Interest Paid-0.01*Payments to Date-Remaining Principal*LossFactor

The Loss factors are given as:
Loan Status              Loss Factor
Charged Off                   1.00
Default                          0.96
In-Funding                     0.00
Late (16-30 days)           0.23
Performing Payment Plan  0.00
Current                          0.00
In Grace Period               0.16
Issued                           0.00
Late (31-120 days)         0.47

Interest Radar / Modified Hype Filter?
« on: April 20, 2013, 10:07:00 PM »
It appears that loans with a larger Average Investment produces better returns. I previously posted the IRRs using IR's latest custom Filter:

ALL D-G notes (since 2008-10) and Average Investment larger than or equal to $X
X   => IRR
0         9.2%
100     10.9%     
200     12.8%
300     13.5%
400     14.0%
500     14.1%
However, because the number of lenders is not available in the API, the Average Investment can not be calculated for current loans.

As an alternative, I wonder if it would be easy to create a (modified) Hype Filter?

The current Hype indicator depends on daysSinceApplicationDate, but with the current quick funding it would be more appropriate to use the date and time of the listing (e.g. shown in the BrowseNotes.csv as list_d).
Furthermore, I think that it would be more appropriate to show how much absolute money was invested in a certain time-frame rather than % funding of loan (since a $2,000 would be funded much faster than a $35,000 loan).

Since IR now updates 30 min after the loan is posted, the "ideal" filter would simply show "Amount Invested in the first 30 min" = $x
Would this be easy to implement?

Interest Radar / Loss (Words): Business or Busines?
« on: April 20, 2013, 07:53:21 PM »
LoanID 4425188 ( has the Title "Loan to help start dream business"
However, IR shows: Loss Rate for busines=6.4%   

1. Does IR equate business and busines with the same loss rate?

2. However, if memory serves me right, I think that I saw loss rate for business (not sure about spelling) = 8.5% about 1-2 days ago?

3. Finally is there a way to search/filter for certain words in the Title (or description)?

Investors - LC / Major Derogatory Always Less Than $100??
« on: April 19, 2013, 04:36:48 PM »
The downloadable BrowseNotes.csv has a field pub_rec_gt_100. It is explained in the glossary as: "Number of public record and account line derogatory items greater than $100"  ( ;where it is called publicRecGt100; I assume that they are the same)

What does "account line derogatory items" mean?

I had assumed that this means "Major Derogatory" items (90-day or worse rating; i.e. a delinquency of more than 90 days - Confirmed by Lending Club Investor Services).

If indeed this assumption is correct, then all borrowers with a Major Derogatory and no Public Records, had late accounts worth < $100!? This seems very unlikely?

Try this; open the BrowseNotes.csv in Excel and filter columns AS=mths_since_last_record to only show blanks (i.e. no public record) and column BR=mths_since_last_major_derog to show everything except null (i.e. a Major Derogatory). Now look at column AZ=pub_rec_gt_100; it shows all zeros. In other words, Borrowers without public records, but with a Major Derogatory all had late accounts worth <$100.

Interest Radar / Portfolio Breakdown (Tab)?
« on: April 12, 2013, 03:35:40 AM »
1. How can I determine the ROI in the Portfolio Breakdown. For example, one of my portfolios shows:
Avg Rate=15.46% &Loss Rate =10.9%
Would you estimate the ROI= Avg Rate- Loss Rate= 4.56% ??
(Do you know how the ROI, calculated this way, would compare to the ROI calculated on NSR)?
Would be relatively easy for you to add the IRR to these tables (e.g. to see the IRR for Portfolios, Strategies etc)?

2. How are the notes assigned to a particular strategy when a note belongs to more than one strategy?
For example, "I have D-G top score" & "All D-G". Which strategy would notes that satisfy both strategies belong to?

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