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I'm new here but I came as your posts caught my attention. Here's why:
I'm currently writing my Master's thesis on P2P lending and my research question articulates around the determinants of repayment performance on Lending Club.

I'm also interested in knowing what this amount funded by investors really means. My assumption is that it is the share of the loan funded by lenders of the platform, whilst the outstanding amount would be funded by LC itself. One can also observe that these amounts have rebalanced over time with more and more loans being funded mainly by "investors" and less and less loans being funded "LC". This can be explained by the fact that LC first funded most of the loans that were listed on the platform in order to launch the business and gain momentum and popularity among the participants (i.e. borrowers and lenders), then as the platform became more popular, LC peu peu withdrew itself and let the real lenders fund those loans.

@Yojoakak: By the way as you correctly pointed out Lending Club does no longer fund any loans at least in the last 3 months. But they did clearly mention in more ancient Prospectus or SEC Filings that they did fund loans!

However I'm still uncertain about who those "investors" really are as they could also be formal investors (not lenders) like pension funds, asset managers etc.

It would be interesting and very helpful if someone could provide responses to those question marks.




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