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How is the Hardship Plan working out for everyone?  I used to lend privately and as I understand it, the hp is the same as I offered some people - the amortization schedule gets pushed down a few months with all the numbers other than date remaining as-is, and in the interim, you go on getting interest.  It actually has benefit for the lender in that the loan generates more interest over its lifespan, assuming of course that the note comes current again after the extension period.  Frankly, I wish they'd offer a longer option and extend to loans with longer delinquencies; I'd rather get a little than nothing at all while paying for collection efforts and imagining frantic depressed borrowers getting hassled as well. 

So,  are your hardship loans coming current or just failing at a later date?    Do you like the option?

Investors - LC / Re: Smart Phone App?
« on: October 16, 2015, 12:18:29 AM »
I will be out of contact for 4 weeks, I will need to have transaction capacity.  I've done it with the phone through the standard website before but it's an odious job.

Investors - LC / Smart Phone App?
« on: October 15, 2015, 11:31:28 AM »
I will be away for several weeks and the only access to LC I am certain I'll have is thru either my ipad or my android smart phone.  Is there an app for either that's approved by LC?  I see what appear to be third party apps including a new one just posted about, but I don't know how to vet the security of these.  I'd appreciate any info or point me to a thread about this if there is one.  Thanks.

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