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You are having the same issue as me. See my Topic Listing "Notes on Folio For Lending Club Not Showing Up On Browse For Loans". Your notes are not showing up on a general "browse". Look to see if you can find your listings.  According to Folio, "only certain investors can see these with certain criteria set".

Anyone having this issue? I'm trying to liquidate some of my notes on Folio. I listed quite a few initially, and most moved quickly. I offered them at a good discount. Some up to (9%). When I listed these original notes, I would go to browse to see where I was stacking up against others so that mine would be towards the top. They were easy to spot because they showed up with an exclamation point. Again, most of these moved fairly quick, within a couple of days (about 30 notes). I then decided to list about 20 more, but these 20 do not show up on browse and are not selling. These are good notes, no grace period payments, credit scores 630+, heavily discounted (some at (10%). They are discounted to the point, that would be at the top of any search you do if you are looking for discounted notes.Now on occasion, a note will sell. I reached out to Folio but they didn't have an answer. Anyone else having this issue?

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