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And I can see, say 5 years from now, Radius / LC saying, "Wow, you haven't made any deposits in 5 years.  You must have 'abandoned' your account." and their $50.00 Abandoned Property Fee scoops up whatever you have in the account.
Oh!  I want to put my $0.09 that's left in.  This sounds like an amazing deal!  And not being able to add more money? That makes sense.  Why would I ever want to save more on this of any future account since deposits are completely disabled.  I rather spend it and take out a loan, duh.  Where do I get in line!?!?
Well, this is what we expected... but it is sad to see them promote something that is so completely stupid.

It shows you how stupid they think we are.
Here's the "fine print"...

Founder Savings accounts are only available to LendingClub Notes investors who have at least one Notes account that is not classified as an individual retirement account (IRA). For Notes investors who do not have a separate deposit account with LendingClub Bank as of February 21, 2021, only balances in your Notes account are currently eligible for deposit into the Founder Savings account, notwithstanding any account-related terms to the contrary that may otherwise apply. This means that (1) LendingClub Bank will not accept external transfers into the Founder Savings account and (2) the mobile remote deposit capture service via the Radius mobile app will be disabled. This restriction also applies to any other deposit account that you may open at LendingClub Bank after you open a Founder Savings account. This restriction does not affect your ability to withdraw funds and is subject to change at any time.

Rates are compared against competitor rates published by as of February 1, 2021. Rates are only available to LendingClub Notes investors. Offer applies to personal accounts only and may be rescinded at any time without notice. No account minimum.

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield. Earn 0.75% APY on the portion of balances from $0.01 to $20,000.00; 0.50% APY on the portion of balances from $20,000.01 to $50,000.00; and 0.25% APY on the portion of balances over $50,000.00. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.
Thought I'd share this since it only showed up on 2 of my 5 accounts with Lending Club.  The Founder's Account "special offer" has finally come out and here are the details below in case you haven't seen it yet.

Thanks LC for this INCREDIBLE conciliatory offer after pulling the rug out from under us!  :o

Investors - P / Re: Is Prosper Folio Investing Back On?
« Last post by t_b_o_t on March 02, 2021, 10:55:17 AM »
I'm wondering the same thing.  The link works for me and it lets me fill out a form to apply to be a trader.  I'm assuming it's just legacy code they never bothered to take down.
Investors - P / Re: Expect Increased Supply of Notes
« Last post by t_b_o_t on March 02, 2021, 10:52:25 AM »
Not today "No listings were found based on your search criteria at this time."

That was with the default filter set.

I'm seeing this too today.  Haven't checked listings in months.  I'm wondering if this is the new normal on Prosper now or if something else is going on?

EDIT: I just looked right after about 9am PST and saw about 35 notes listed.  I guess they list notes at 9am + 3pm PST M-F and 11 or noon PST Saturday/Sunday
Investors - P / Re: Missing note value in account Total Value
« Last post by LA87654 on February 23, 2021, 05:00:40 PM »
Well, today I logged in and everything was whole again ($19,001.93).  I glanced at messages and history and didn't see anything of note (haha - note, get it?).  I'm guessing there was a $25 note that went into some weird state and became unaccounted for as an asset due to a programming issue.  I don't like it, but it did eventually resolve correctly. 
Investors - P / Re: Missing note value in account Total Value
« Last post by LA87654 on February 22, 2021, 01:28:28 PM »
Thanks for reading!  Everything added up on my January statement.  I looked over pages of messages and history and nothing caught my eye.  I saw this discrepancy around 2 weeks ago, but hoped it would quickly resolve on its own.  Still, it makes no sense for my brand new account value to go down as there are no loans with payments even due yet, let alone to default.  As a new account, the value should only be going up at this point.  Maybe most concerningly, if it wasn't a new account, it would be hard to notice such a small unaccounted for loss.  I might have to try customer service - hopefully they are better than the dismal luck I had at LC.
Investors - P / Re: Missing note value in account Total Value
« Last post by Fred93 on February 22, 2021, 01:30:31 AM »
Did you invest $25 in a new note very recently?  Sometimes it takes a few days for the new note to appear.

Did you get charged any fees?  Look at your statements or transaction info online.  Pain in the ass, I know.
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