Author Topic: First LC blog: 6-step sign up guide -- 2007/05  (Read 2521 times)


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First LC blog: 6-step sign up guide -- 2007/05
« on: April 21, 2013, 12:26:40 AM »

6 steps?  With Facebook?

Sometimes it is good to reminisce.   ;D

Posted by Lending Club, May 31
Signing up with Lending Club is a simple process. Here is a quick 6-step guide:

1. If you are not a member already, please take a minute or two to join Facebook ( If you have not already done so, make sure to add yourself to appropriate networks, including alma mater, company, and regional networks using the Network tab in Facebook or using this link directly: (

2. Now that you are registered and a member of one or more networks, it is time to add the Lending Club application. For simplicity, go directly to the Facebook Lending Club application using this link:

3. Click on the “Add Application” button on the upper right side of your browser window

4. Add Lending Club to your Facebook account by clicking on the “Add Lending Club” button on the bottom of this screen

5. Now that you have the Lending Club application installed on your Facebook profile, you can click on it to get to this page (

6. From there, click on either the “Borrow” or the “Lend” button to borrow or lend money with Lending Club.