Author Topic: Lending Club Sells Out of Loans  (Read 27742 times)

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Re: Lending Club Sells Out of Loans
« Reply #75 on: August 29, 2013, 09:11:40 AM »
Nearly all good notes, all the time now, are funding in less than 10 minutes.  Period.  Been in LC for a number of years, with a significant exposure, and it has never been like this before the last few months.

I have NOT, however, had to "soften" my lending criteria.  There ARE strategies, at least for now.  They keys are WHEN to look for notes and how to select them once you have done so.

Bottom line... we have to work harder to stay fully invested, but if you invest more frequently, you won't have as much to invest when you do.

Ever since "approved" notes went away (months ago), we all have no choice but to have some money on the sidelines however, since it will take days for these fully-funded-yet-unapproved notes to actually disburse.  And when they don't, we have to reinvest the same dollars on other notes. 

So why bother?  Easy answer... where else can you get 9 or 10% on your money without the wild swings of the market?