Author Topic: "only run lendingclub filters" ???  (Read 4042 times)


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"only run lendingclub filters" ???
« on: March 02, 2014, 11:34:20 PM »
On the "schedule service" dialog box, there's an option labelled "only run lendingclub filters".  I don't know what that means.  The english is ambiguous.

Does it mean only run "lendingclub" filters as opposed to some other filters?

Does it mean only run "lendingclub filters" (which is all the filters there are at this point) and do not do some other stuff which it doesn't explicitly mention, and I have no idea what that might be?

What happens when I turn this on?   I don't understand the implcations of not doing whatever this turns off.


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Re: "only run lendingclub filters" ???
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2014, 10:22:25 AM »
PLS has the ability to run a saved lending club filter.  That is a filter that you have saved on the lending club web site.  I will login to LC's web site, and execute a saved filter provided it is named "pls_filter_1" or "pls_filter_2".  This feature was a user request to use LC's filtering technology as it is very fast.