Author Topic: Lending Club to stop screen scraping?  (Read 13563 times)


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Re: Lending Club to stop screen scraping?
« Reply #15 on: March 21, 2014, 12:12:01 PM »
I could be wrong.

Oh say it ain't so  :'(


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Re: Lending Club to stop screen scraping?
« Reply #16 on: March 21, 2014, 01:33:14 PM »
While pushing data rather than having people pull it might sound more fair, you would then be trusting the data pusher to get the data to you, rather than trusting yourself to be savvy enough to get it as soon as possible.


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Re: Lending Club to stop screen scraping?
« Reply #17 on: March 22, 2014, 07:32:46 AM »
You don't have to trust the pusher any more or less than you have to trust a pollee to respond to your HTTP GET request. As I said, there is a right way to architect this and a wrong way. LC is doing it the wrong way right now.

So you want Lending Club to broadcast/multicast the data...  So anyone who wants in on automated investing will have to run their own server with a static IP or a DNS entry, opening a port in their local firewall, and then implement some authentication scheme so you don't just trust that whatever data you receive is from LC.  Huh.


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Re: Lending Club to stop screen scraping?
« Reply #18 on: March 24, 2014, 09:22:39 PM »
This was discussed at length in the past, I think in particular the "Fairer solutions..." thread, so I won't rehash it all here.  In short, they cannot stop screen scraping.  Not without it turning into a witch hunt, where you have to explain to them how you went 5 hours without a restroom break, why you were trading all day on Sunday instead of going to church, etc.  Anything they might do is easily defeated, except for the judgement of a human and the grand LC inquisition.  That is why it must necessarily come to that.  Nothing else will work.

I am still waiting to hear what makes Simon think that Lending Club "will end" screen scraping and 3rd party tools, since Sanborn didn't say anything had changed.  This story could have been posted in 2009 and it would have been just as valid/invalid.  It has always been in the terms as far as I know.   NOTHING is new.   Nobody (publicly) said they are to stop screen scraping except Simon Cunningham.

Rev from Interest Radar reviewed a draft for this piece, just to give you all some context for where this was coming from and the research that went into it. Now, allow me to respond to these critiques. It deserves mention that I could have written these better in the article, but it had already gone through two full drafts, so I was growing tired of it spooling in my outbox, and I was leaving for vacation to baja :).

Q) They cannot stop screen scraping, so why would you say they will?
A) Correct. There is no way to stop someone from screen scraping considering it can near-perfectly mirror a human user's actions. However, in the post I was trying to argue that en mass third-party tool screen scraping would be cut off, which is a very real possibility. Any time a company like Lending Club has a hundred investment orders from a hundred different logins being submitted in 100ms from a single IP, you're sure someone is providing a service, a service/IP/login-group that can get blocked/penalized/probationed by the platform.

Q) There is nothing new presented in the post. Why would you say this is news?
A) I think I should have said this was a projection or conjecture of my own opinion, rather than concrete news. The projection is that Lending Club will no longer tacitly allow screen scraping services to function in the coming year based on the current environment and some chatter I hear on the p2p margins. But the newsy element of this claim has to do with Lending Club's recent growth, coming IPO, and other successes placing additional pressure to get its investor base in-line. In this way, this coming year *is* new from others, and considering the significance this change of events would bring, I think it is justified to produce a piece that makes the self-directed community aware so as to weigh our investment strategies going forward.

Thanks for engaging the piece. I would love for future comments to be added to the post itself as I only visit this forum a few times a month (but really love it).

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