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Loan id assignment
« on: July 04, 2014, 10:54:59 AM »
Can anyone explain the range of assigned loan id numbers? I downloaded notes this morning after the 06:00 release. There were roughly 1000 loans. About 900 have well behaved number between 20,000,000 and 20,800,000. But the other 100 are all over the place from about this range all the way down to 853585. There is no correlation with application date, grade or any of the date fields that I can detect.

I would have guessed a 6 digit loan id was issued many years ago?


I have done a little work on this. The low loan id numbers do correspond with lower member numbers. I thought at first these might be returning customers but the member #s do not show up in the loan history csv. But nearby member numbers do and they have nearby loan ids. For instance the 6 digit id 853585 mentioned earlier has a member #1065759. The closest member number to have actually received a loan was member number 1065749 who has a loan id number of 853576 issued 8/25/2011.

So here are my guesses:
1. These are borrowers who applied and were approved for loans a long time ago, and who withdrew their applications for some reason and whose business LC has continued to solicit.
2. These are borrowers who applied for loans a long time ago and were rejected. However LC has re-reviewed these applications together with updated credit reports and is now prepared to offer to their lenders.

Any other ideas?
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