Author Topic: Approved Loans' Delayed Release  (Read 6525 times)


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Re: Approved Loans' Delayed Release
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2016, 09:42:36 PM »
Here are words from the latest LC 10K SEC filing, which describe the sequence of events.
A borrower comes to our website and completes a simple application for a loan product. We then use proprietary risk algorithms to analyze an applicant’s risk profile based upon the issuing bank’s underwriting guidelines. Once a loan application is approved, we present the borrower with various loan options. After the applicant selects their personalized financing option and completes the application process, the loan is listed on our marketplace to attract investor commitments, while we simultaneously perform additional verifications on the borrower. Once the verifications are completed and sufficient investor commitments are received, the issuing bank originates and issues the loan to the borrower, net of the origination fee charged and retained by the issuing bank. After the loan is issued, we use the proceeds from these investors to purchase the loan. Investor cash balances (excluding payments in process) are held in a segregated bank or custodial accounts and are not commingled with our monies. We receive a transaction fee from the issuing bank for our marketplace’s role in originating the loan. We also earn a recurring servicing fee from investors and management fees from investment funds and other managed accounts.

This appears to say that the investor commitments come first, and then the loan issues. 

Sorry it isn't more specific.