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Below via email dated "Sat, Jun 13, 2015 at 8:58 AM" with subject "New BlueVestment Features"

I'm glad their picks follow along the lines of P2P-Picks. I'm happy that they have a 'Moderate' that includes 'C' notes. I think that was a good choice as it balances some of the low interest rates in 'A' with higher interest rates 'C'. P2P-Picks had the Loss Minimizer that was just 'A' and 'B'.
Hi BlueVestors,
As you know, we started charging for the BlueVestment service a couple months ago. It has been of the utmost importance to myself and the rest of the team to show you exactly what you are getting for your hard earned money. This is just a taste of what's to come and I couldn't be more pumped about the future. We want to let you know about a few new features coming to BlueVestment on July 1st.


We know the shut-down of P2P-Picks has many of you concerned and we’ve already had numerous requests for a P2P-Picks replacement.  With our recent merger with Interest Radar, we’ve designed two new credit models that will have a familiar feel for all you P2P-Picks fans.

BluePicks Moderate – this model includes the lowest risk Lending Club Grade Loans (A, B & C). Because these loans are less likely to default based on historical results, the interest rates and expected investor returns are lower than BP Aggressive's grades D through G.  Just like P2P-Pick’s Loss Minimizer, you will be able to specify what percentage of the top ranked loans you would like to invest in.

BluePicks Aggressive – this model aims to score high interest loans (Lending Club grades D through G) from highest expected return to lowest expected return.  While Grades D through G do have higher historical default rates, their interest rates are much higher and historical investor returns have been higher than the lower grades.  Just like with P2P-Pick’s Return Maximizer, you’ll be able to select what percentile (e.g., Top 15%) you would like to invest in.

Unlike the P2P-Picks models, the BluePicks models will be built directly into the fabric of the lightening-fast BlueVestment execution engine.  This means you’ll get more of the high yielding, low risk loans that are most in demand. Our two new models provide the simplicity of P2P-Picks with the proven outstanding analytical insight that Interest Radar has brought to the game time and time again. Each of these models benefits greatly from the scrutiny that Ricardo provides with the Interest Radar tool set.

BlueVestment Usability Enhancements

We’ve been working on a much improved look and feel for BlueVestment for the past few months.  All the functionality you’ve come to depend on will still be there, but it’s going to be much easier to navigate.  Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Cleaner and easier to navigate design
  • More statistics about the loan market and, more importantly, your portfolio
  • Customized email alerts… get updates on your latest investments and an overall account overview
  • Our new BluePicks credit models will be added as option for both Simple and Advanced filters

We’ve attached a few ‘members only’ pictures to give you an early peak at the look and feel upgrades to the site. If anyone would like a personal demo or a walkthrough, please don't hesitate to reach out to [them] directly.
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