Author Topic: Please explain the loan volume at LC.  (Read 11933 times)


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Re: Please explain the loan volume at LC.
« Reply #30 on: October 30, 2015, 10:32:18 AM »
Interesting quote from the 3rd Quarter earnings call (emphasis added in bold):

Q: Santander today announced they were exiting the consumer loan business and was wondering what impact that has on your relationship and just more broadly if you can speak to the relevance or lack thereof of any individual lender on the platform?

A: Santander has been a great partner and we’re very grateful for the relationship we’ve had with them over the years. This year specifically they were a single-digit percentage of originations. They stopped investing at some point over the summer and we were able to replace them with other investors essentially overnight. So that really speaks to the resiliency of the platform and the power of the marketplace model, the diversity of our investor base and so our ability to manage the flow of both supply and demand.

I think we finally now have an explanation as to the massive loan dump we saw back in June/July. They sent all of Santander's loans to the Retail side until other institutions picked up the slack a few days later.

BlueVestment 3 month graph.  20-40 loans per drop lately.  Hopefully it'll pick up in early August. Jul 16 + 14 days = July 30. 14 days = 1st batch "expires" (LC buys if noone else does?)


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Re: Please explain the loan volume at LC.
« Reply #31 on: October 30, 2015, 10:54:27 AM »
Hello, this is my first time writing here at LendAcademy. I ran the numbers with the downloadable data from LC's website and as of the 2Q, the fractional bucket received 42.5% of the loans. Now YTD as of 3Q the fractional bucket went down to 39.3% ($1.75bi fractional and $2.7bi whole).

The fractional or whole loan information is found on column AJ of the excel files.
Thanks for the post.  You can see it graphically here:!/charts?vendor=lendingclub&chart=whole_loan_percent&type=1&resolution=1
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