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Review of my lending club account
« on: June 11, 2019, 09:18:16 PM »
Hello everyone,

Had some issues with my email and had to create a new account.  The previous thread is located:,4828.0.html

A lot of you guys on here were very kind answering my questions prior to me signing up with Lending Club.  I'll try to give an update monthly or so.

I started buying loans on 09-14-17 and I've been adding several to my account weekly. 

Update as of 06.11.19

My Notes at-a-Glance      479

Not Yet Issued                    5
Issued & Current             387
In Grace Period                   0
Fully Paid                           67
Late 16-30                          0
Late 31-120 Days                6

Charged Off                         14

Adjusted Net Annualized Return   5.68%
Net Annualized Return                 11.66%
Weighted Average Age of Portfolio  10.8 months

My notes by grade are:

A  14.5%
B  65.3%
C  11.6%
D  6.8%
E   1.8%

I've been using LC picks (see other threads in the forum about them if you are unfamiliar) in order to pick which loans to invest in. My LC picks ranking is 69.1/82.

I don't work for LC picks nor am I family member or something.  I just wanted to be transparent about how I make my choices.

Thanks again for all who helped out in the past.