Author Topic: Looking for 12 month Note - $8,000.00 - up to 25%, 12 payments.  (Read 5269 times)

Patrick K.

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Good Morning,

I'm Patrick from Philadelphia Area. 

I'm looking for an investor who is looking to make a quick return, over a short loan period (12 Months).  I need 8K to pay for some home repair bills.  Property is free and clear (I hold the title, no mortgage). Payday Loans are not an option I'm willing to pursue, too much interest.  I don't want to deny anyone making money for helping me out, but 400% is too much. 

I'm willing to discuss rate. Perhaps this is not the right area, and if this is the case please let me know the appropriate forum to post this request. 

Looking forward to talking to anyone interested, or perhaps several investors willing to take a chance, and share in a double-digit return for the 2017.

Please let me know


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Re: Looking for 12 month Note - $8,000.00 - up to 25%, 12 payments.
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Why don't you borrow from ?