Author Topic: LC FICO vs Loan Grade  (Read 23840 times)


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Re: LC FICO vs Loan Grade
« Reply #60 on: November 11, 2016, 11:01:25 AM »
Yes, if you're really choosy up-front, you won't have so many that drop and need to be sold.  (I heard you say, in nine paragraphs.)

Dude!  I may be wordy ... but YOU count paragraphs!


Usually, I'm the one with dyslogorrhea while working something out, out loud - I'm glad to let you have a turn!  BTW - I was doing more of a "one shall speak in tongues, one shall interpret" kinda thing.  On "nine" paragraphs, though, I really didn't (consciously?) count 'em - swear - funny it turned out to actually be nine (now that I counted)!  Nine's just a "funny" number (much like Tuesday is a "funny"day!).

Don't ask me why.  Maybe it's Wimpy borrowing money and ferris bueller being absent... NINE times..... but I bet it goes back further.

(I know you won't let that go without researching it; I expect a whitepaper with at least 9 charts and a lexical analysis - by Tuesday)
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Re: LC FICO vs Loan Grade
« Reply #61 on: November 12, 2016, 05:13:00 PM »
I don't have any easy way to run a test on my current portfolio that just considers loans that have freshly triggered this month, because I don't have easy access to month-to-month FICO for those loans.  This info is in the payment history file, but I'd have to look up all my loans there one by one.  Seems like too much work.

The pmthistall file is only updated every three months. Not much value here. List all your notes on Folio for a ridiculous guaranteed profitable markup. Not that you want to sell, but that you want the latest FICO update ASAP.  You "should get the updated FICO within your sample time interval of downloading the smallnotes file. As a seller there's additional data in your mynotes file that can provide an additional bit of informational edge. The most recent FICO may actually be found there first; I dunno. There may be issues with staleness (where does LC publish the most recent FICO update first). I point out that possibility but don't really know the answer. If I were seriously into this I would know. I'm sure there are folks that do.

Simplifying things by ignoring time value of money is troublesome, but leaving it out is a worst case for selling the FICO drops. Returns should be better than those that ignore it.

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Those earlier charts I posted were embarrassing  :o LOL

At least in recent months, the payment history file has been updated monthly - obviously, it doesn't include recently originated loans.