Author Topic: Disclosing LC password to a 3rd party site and worst case hypothetical  (Read 18511 times)


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Russia or the Chinese military.  China "accidently" redirected the entire traffic of the web through its country a few years ago.  There is a really interesting TED Talk on how the internet is designed with a lot of "trust" in the end user, but that trust shouldn't exist in the modern way its used.


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I use LastPass, and I am pretty happy with it.   You can control which sites to automatically fill-in (username and password), and which you want to have explicit tell it to fill in.

Here is a very interesting article about how easy to break even hashed passwords: Even randomized passwords don't protect you much.

The random passwords aren't to protect that account as much to prevent someone getting access to multiple accounts, through a brute force attack using the uncovered password to try to crack related accounts using the known emails. Most people use similar/same passwords across platforms, allowing the damage to be much worse than just one account being attacked.  All my financial passwords are 100% independent of each other to prevent this.

How do you manage to remember all of them without constantly having to open Lastpass? Or do you not?